Most of you might have been wondering what exactly are blowjobs in newly married Indian couples. Well, this is a very common question among the people of this age. A large number of people want to know what exactly are these things. This is because the western societies have been very close to it. Most of the marriages today in western countries involve sex as one of the things that a married couple should do on their wedding day.

This practice is not new. There are many women who are willing to have sex with their partners. It is not a very rare thing. In the present generation, there are many young and beautiful women who are willing to have sex with their men.

If you ask the men, they will tell you that many such women come to their marriages. So, do we have something in common after all? Or, it must be said that most of the newly married couples have sex. The women married to western men are more popularly known as “cougars”.

Cougars are the ones who have high educational qualification and are trained in different types of jobs. They can find many job opportunities in the corporate world. Many women are working in multinational companies and they have great earning potentials. If we talk about the status of Indian women in the corporate world, there are many women who are qualified and are trained in many technical fields, and they are well paid. It is seen that many women from the eastern part of the country are also doing very well in the corporate sector.

A man can satisfy any woman’s need and they can give satisfaction to a woman’s needs. You see, even if a woman does not express her sexual desires openly to her partner or her husband, but if she is satisfied with certain acts or some physical manifestations than she can easily satisfy her craving with the help of sex toys or vibrators. In fact, many women love using these things. However, are blowjobs common in newly married Indian couples?

Yes, there are many women who are using such things on a regular basis. These women feel that their husbands or partners cannot resist them when they use such toys or accessories inside their vagina. However, one thing we need to know that, these sexual satisfaction toys are only meant for satisfying the sexual desires of the woman and nothing else. When the woman uses vibrator with the help of a clitoral stimulator, it does not help her attain the orgasm or become satisfied with the man’s penis.

So, why is it that the question ‘are blowjobs common in newly married Indian couples? ‘Blowjobs are common in all cultures and societies and every society has a different definition of what satisfaction means to a woman. For example, in some cultures, men ejaculate while performing oral sex. Oral stimulation is more of a female oriented activity whereas, the man ejaculates when penetrating a woman. So, women do not prefer oral stimulation over penetration. Similarly, women tend to have different levels of satisfaction, which is also based on the man’s penis size.

So, do men who are blowouts, make their partners unsatisfied with them? Well, the answer is no. There are many reasons like mental, physical and psychological factors that contribute to men climaxing too fast. The better understanding you have about these reasons will help you decide whether your man needs oral stimulation or intercourse.

So, are blowouts common in newly married Indian couples? On one hand, it is a fact that the men tend to have premature ejaculation and this leads to a reduced pleasure for the woman. On the other hand, there are various ways to boost your sexual pleasure and improve your satisfaction and duration, which will surely surprise you.

However, the real question is, what does the woman feel when her man ejaculates way before the time she would expect him to? For most women, this will be extremely disappointing and shocking and women will feel cheated and rejected by their man. However, on the other hand, if you think about it carefully, you will realize that many women have felt this way too. As a woman, you might never admit it but there are moments and particular events in a man’s life when he might go ahead to ejaculate far before he expects to do so. And as a woman, you should not feel disappointed or hurt that such a thing has happened to you.

Therefore, are blowouts common in newly married Indian couples? Well, on one hand, the woman may feel cheated upon. On the other hand, there are many ways and reasons to boost your sexual pleasure and increase your satisfaction to a great extent and you can be sure of that. So, if you are feeling cheated on or even hurt by your man, you need not worry; there are many ways to increase your sexual satisfaction and save yourself from a lifetime of disappointment and heartache.

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